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Re: [O] [PATCH] Resolve regexp ambiguity for item headers

From: Mats Kindahl
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH] Resolve regexp ambiguity for item headers
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 21:35:52 +0200
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On 09/10/2012 08:24 PM, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:

Mats Kindahl <address@hidden> writes:

I solved this issue by requiring that there should always be a headline
text (this is after all an assumption made in the code) and rewrote the
org-complex-heading-regexp accordingly.
Actually, I have recently committed a change going exactly the opposite
way. I'm not certain which solution is better, but I tend to think empty
headlines should be valid and parts of Org choking on empty headlines
should be fixed.

Hi Nicolas,

Interesting. :)

Well... the most important point for me is that it shouldn't choke on these lines, but otherwise I'm open to suggestions.

My rationale for doing it this way was:
  • The code I looked at assumes that the headline text is there, so it's likely that it's the common assumption.
  • It is clearly the case that todo keywords are optional.
  • It is not so clear that the headline text is optional


  • The regular _expression_ matches completely empty headlines, so maybe the intention is to allow matching items with just a todo keyword?

I would be very interested if anybody could shed some light on this.

Best wishes,
Mats Kindahl

Senior Principal Software Developer
Oracle, MySQL Department

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