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[O] Problem compiling on Windows 7: Symbol's function definition is void

From: John Hendy
Subject: [O] Problem compiling on Windows 7: Symbol's function definition is void: org-find-library-dir
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 14:42:57 -0500

I'm starting a new thread for this issue. My process:

- git pull

- cd into ~/path/org.git/mk

- run Worg compile command from cmd utility:
#+begin_src cmd
C:\path\to\emacs-23.3\bin\emacs.exe -batch -Q -L lisp -l
../mk/org-fixup -f org-make-autoloads-compile

- get following error
| Cannot open load file: ../mk/org-fixup

- check working dir with =dir=
| Directory of C:\path\to\org.git\mk

- added \path\to\emacs-23.3\bin to Windows path variable

- verified that from cmd utility, 'emacs' indeed opens emacs

- redid the above

Now, I recalled the Worg command being `emacs -batch ... -l
../mk/org-fixup.el ...` (not the ".el"). When I try that, it tries but
| Symbol's function definition is void: org-find-library-dir

This is *with* emacs in the path. I wondered if starting emacs from
cmd with a path would somehow evaluate it using the emacs bin
directory as the "home base" and for that reason not realize it should
be operating in ../path/to/org.git/mk, but with it in $PATH, I'm
thinking that isn't an issue.

org-find-library-dir is called here in org-fixup.el:
#+begin_src lisp
(defun org-make-autoloads (&optional compile force)
  "Make the files org-install and org-version.el in the install directory.
Finds the install directory by looking for library \"org\".
Optionally byte-compile lisp files in the install directory or
force re-compilation.  This function is provided for easier
manual install when the build system can't be used."
  (let* ((origin default-directory)
         (dirlisp (org-find-library-dir "org"))
         (dirorg (concat dirlisp "../" ))
         (dirodt (if (boundp 'org-odt-data-dir)
                   (concat dirorg "etc/"))))
          (cd dirlisp)
          (org-make-org-version (org-release) (org-git-version) dirodt)
          (when compile (byte-recompile-directory dirlisp 0 force)))
      (cd origin))))

I get no completions in emacs trying to run =M-x org-find-library-dir=.

I tried replacing = (dirlisp (org-find-library-dir "org"))= with
=(dirlisp (concat "C:/path/to/org.git"))= and it *seemed* to compile.
I got a final report of:
| Done (Total of 66 files compiled, 18 failed, 5 skipped in 7 directories)

Any suggestions?


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