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[Orgmode] Inactive and Active date stamp editing

From: Chris Randle
Subject: [Orgmode] Inactive and Active date stamp editing
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 09:10:26 +0100

Hi Carsten

If I have an active date stamp and put my cursor in it and type `C-c . .
[RET]', this happens:

<2008-09-27 Sat> => <2008-09-30 Tue>

If I do a similar operation in an inactive stamp with either `C-c . .'
or `C-c ! . [RET]', I get

[2008-09-27 Sat] => [2008-09-27 Sa[2008-09-30 Tue]t]

A quick test shows a similar "corruption" behaviour doing `C-c ! .' on
an active date stamp, e.g.

<2008-09-27 Sat> => <2008-09-27 Sa[2008-09-30 Tue]t>

Could the Date+time editor be made to update inactive date stamps in the
same way as active? Also, I'd like it that `C-c .' on an inactive stamp
converts it to active after the edit and `C-c !' leaves it as inactive;
and similarly, that actives are converted to inactives using `C-c !'.

One could argue that a mismatched `C-c .' on an inactive date stamp or
`C-c !' on an active date stamp shouldn't edit them, but just insert
another date stamp of the different kind, but I cannot think of a
situation where one would insert a date stamp inside another.

Regardless of the above conversion behaviour, if `C-c .' edits an active
date stamp, I'd expect `C-c !' to edit an inactive date stamp.

One tiny cosmetic niggle on a similar vein: when invoking the Date+time
editor, it always shows its expected output as an active stamp, even if
invoked with `C-c !'.

Is there a reason for the existing behaviour? If not, please could you
consider implementing these two/three suggested changes: 1) editing
inactive date stamps, and 2) converting type during edit if invoked with
opposite keystrokes (if you see what I mean)? And perhaps if it's a
trivial tidy up, 3) the Date+time editor could show <> or [], as
appropriate, around its intended output.

Many thanks as always.

Chris Randle
Windows XP SP3 - GNU Emacs 22.1.1 - Org-mode 6.07b

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