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[Orgmode] cron export and email

From: Cezar Halmagean
Subject: [Orgmode] cron export and email
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 11:46:28 -0700
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  Is there any way to grab a subtree and html-export it as an email
  attachment at a certain time ?

  What I need is, to take everything from my "Tickets" heading,
  html-export it to a file, create an email (from some kind of template)
  with that file attached and send it. All this needs to happen only at
  19:00 on Friday and then remove all the tasks from that subtree marked
  as DONE.

  In other words, I need to send a weekly report.

Here is the tree:

** Tickets
*** TODO I have to do this task 1
    [2008-09-26 Fri]
*** TODO I have to do this task 2
    [2008-09-26 Fri]
*** DONE I have to do this task 3
    [2008-09-26 Fri]


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