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[Orgmode] org-agenda-busy-at

From: Austin Frank
Subject: [Orgmode] org-agenda-busy-at
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 15:05:22 -0400
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Carsten and other org-folk--

Any chance that it would be possible to query the agenda to see whether
anything is scheduled at a particular time?  The application I have in
mind is scheduling new events with remember templates.  If there's
already something in the agenda for the timestamp I enter in a new
remember entry, I would love to be given the message "There is already
an event scheduled at that time.  Really use this timestamp?"

I could see a further extension of this, such that it allowed different
behavior for different kinds of time stamps.  Something like

(setq org-agenda-busy-warn
  '(active . t)
  '(scheduled . "-1h +1h")
  '(deadline . "+3d"))

would warn you if you tried to add a new timestamp that occurred within
the range of an active timestamp; and would warn you if the new
timestamp were within plus or minus one hour of a timestamp with the
SCHEDULED property; and would also warn you if you tried to add a new
timestamp within three days of a deadline.

"You tried to create a new event with timestamp <2008-10-31
20:00-21:30>.   There is already an entry with timestamp <2008-10-31
20:30-12:00>.  You have an event SCHEDULED at <2008-10-31 19:30>.  You
have a DEADLINE on <2008-11-2>.  Proceed/Edit timestamp/Cancel?"

We could then use a function, org-agenda-busy-at, to check timestamps
included in new remember notes before they get filed.  

I don't know whether this kind of information is easily retrievable from
the agenda, or whether it could be stored as the agenda is built.  Is
there someplace in the code that I should look to check into the
feasibility of this idea?  Is it just impossible?  Is it one of those
things where Carsten says a mystical incantation and it's done?


Austin Frank
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