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Re: [Orgmode] exporting - filtering

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] exporting - filtering
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 13:49:19 +0200

On Sep 15, 2008, at 12:57 PM, Richard G Riley wrote:

Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Richard,

On Jul 22, 2008, at 1:06 AM, Richard G Riley wrote:

When publishing/exporting can I limit certain sections to only
if they are tagged for export? e.g I have a normal org mode hierarchy
for my web page but then import a task based org file and then only
some of those published? If not I think it would be nice addition some
time in the future.

I have finally been able to get to this message, and I am wondering
what the logic should be.   I think it is rather straight forward to
mark subtrees that should be *excluded* from export.  You can, in
fact, already do so by starting a tree with the COMMENT keyword, which

How does this affect agenda generation?

has exactly this purpose.  Granted, a tag or property might be more
appropriate - the fact that it is a keyword at the beginning of the
entry has more historic than practical reasons.

The logic for only selecting some trees for inclusion is harder, if
you think about subtrees that are not top-level.  If you mark a level
5 subtree for export, what should happen to the hierarchy above it?
his can get quickly very complex, so I was wondering if you have been
thinking about a reasonable logic for this.

The way I personally see the html export is for publication of facts,
figures and ideas. And I tend to find very few of my entries in my org
files are of enough quality in terms of content and format to be

Assuming we mark/tag  for export and to answer your final question:

If you mark a level five level item for export then you simply export
all headers for its level the other levels before hand.

Tagging for export is nice since you can have a section where the top
level is tagged for export and all items inherit it too. So two tags
would be ideal export and no_export (or something more ORGish since you might with to temporarily repress the publication of certain items in an
exported block (all tagged as export thanks to the tags inheritance

Using tags for selective export is now up in the git repo, and will be part of release 6.7 later this week.

- Carsten

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