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Re: [Orgmode] Undoing from Org Done Notes

From: Rick Moynihan
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Undoing from Org Done Notes
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2008 15:10:11 +0100
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Carsten Dominik wrote:
On Sep 5, 2008, at 11:49 AM, Rick Moynihan wrote:

Hi Carsten,

I'll give Bernt's suggestion a try, and hopefully this will happen a lot less. I am quite fond of the sequence shifting keys though, so we'll see how I get on.

Rather than re-defining undo, which I can see might cause problems. Would it be possible to add an extra command into that buffer (perhaps on C-c u) that was essentially a keyboard macro for this simple sequence?

C-c C-k

I've just tried a defining a macro for this, and it appears to work. Would having the following display be a good idea?

# Insert note for closed todo item.
# Finish with C-c C-c, cancel with C-c C-k, or restore the todo item
# to it's previous state with C-c u.

Thinking about this now, is there ever a time when you want to C-c C- k and not undo the state change?? For me, this would seem to be a better behaviour, but then I'm probably missing something.

Hi Rick,

this is a good proposal. However, the way the note-recording process is implemented (using a post-command-hok) makes me worry that after finishing the note it may not be guarantied to be returned to the correct buffer, in which case the undo might have undesired results. Also, the note taking mechanism is not only used after state changes, but can also be triggered by a clocking event, or by a command from the agenda. In these cases, the undo would definitely be unwanted, while you still want to be able to abort the note.

Thanks for the explanation. I can see how this would be bad, and would resort to work arounds like having to mark the buffers with the commands that spawned them! It's clearly not as simple a request as I thought.

Also, I believe that C-c C-k is useful as it is, because it aborts inserting the note but leaves the new state. I use it when I have switched the state correctly into a state the request a note, but I do not want to record a note.

Yes, I guess it is. Though a check for an empty buffer (bar the comments) could effectively fold this behaviour into C-c C-c.

So I guess you are stuck with writing your own little function... :-)

Not a problem; and thanks again for your explanation! :-)


- Carsten

Thanks again for your tireless work,


Carsten Dominik wrote:
Hi Rick,
since you are normally going to edit the note, certainly with the ability to undo, I don't think it makes sense to redefine undo for this. I can see how what you
ask for would be useful, but I see no good logic to implement it.
Maybe the easiest is to define yourself a separate key for switching sequences,
so that it is less likely to press S-right by accident?
- Carsten
On Aug 12, 2008, at 1:38 PM, Rick Moynihan wrote:
Hi all,

I make quite extensive use of org's sequences, and make use of the org-log-done features to prompt for a note when a task is closed.

My problem is that when reorganising I often push a sequence on to a done state instead of switching sequences, i.e. I press S- <Right> instead of C-S-<Right>. When this happens a note window is popped up, where by I am forced to press C-c C-k to close the note window, then I need to press C-S-_ to undo the original change.

One thing I have noticed is that my reflex action upon seeing the Note and realising that's not what I want, is to press undo at that point. Rather than enter the mildly frustrating workflow above, would it be possible to have undo close the note, and then revert the headline into it's previous state, by calling undo again in the original buffer?

Obviously you'd only want this if the Org Note buffer didn't contain any changes. If it did, the stock undo behaviour makes sense, except when you've made some changes and spent all your undo's, pressing undo again might want to ask whether you want to close the note and revert the state change in the previous buffer.

Does this make sense?


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