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[Orgmode] HTML export: how delimit escaped entity?

From: Mark Theodoropoulos
Subject: [Orgmode] HTML export: how delimit escaped entity?
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 11:23:08 -0700
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This is probably bonehead simple, but so far that bone is broken. The entities in org-html-entities work fine for me as long as followed by a space (or another \-escaped entity), but I can't seem to discover how they're delimited within a word.

I.e. "Ren\eacute " produces "René " but I've failed to find a way to get "Ástor" out of any combination of "\Aacute" and "stor". ("\Aacutestor" -> "\Aacutestor", "\Aacute stor" naturally -> "Á stor", and nothing I've tried by way of analogy with shells (e.g. "\{Aacute}stor") or other syntax ("\Aacute\stor"? "\Aacute$stor"? etc.) has produced anything but the same string in the generated code.

I'm sure my ignorance of {insert bonehead lacuna here} is showing, but does anyone know how to put the poor man's name into an org file so that it will export?

Thanks -- and repeated & continual thanks to Carsten and all other generous contributors.


m. theo
producer / classics without walls
the anti-warhorse zone / www.amural.com
kusf 90.3fm / san francisco

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