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Re: [Orgmode] org-plot (generating graphs from org-mode)

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] org-plot (generating graphs from org-mode)
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 08:10:01 -0700

On Tuesday, August 26, at 15:32, Manish wrote:
 >   On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 7:23 AM, Eric Schulte wrote:
 >   > Hi,
 >   >
 >   > org-plot enables generation of graphs from data stored in org tables
 >   > (maybe eventually elsewhere in org files).
 >   >
 >   > It is available on github at
 >   > http://github.com/eschulte/org-plot/tree/master or with
 >   >
 >   >  git clone git://github.com/eschulte/org-plot.git
 >   >
 >   > Included with org-plot.el is an example.org file which should quickly
 >   > show off it's features, options and abilities.
 >   >
 >   > While this is not completed, it is functional, and I figure better to
 >   > get early feedback then wait until it's all polished.  Please give it
 >   > a look and let me know what you think.
 > Awesome!  This has wonderful possibilities for my work.  I just wish I
 > had this a couple of months ago.  But I hope I am going to have an
 > opportunity to use this again soon.

Great to hear, hopefully this will be more robust by then :)

 > Works great on GNU Emacs 22.1.1 with Org 6.06b and gnuplot 4.2
 > patchlevel 3.  Got a "current buffer has no process" when tried from
 > Windows Native GNU Emacs 22.2.1 but I am sure that's something I need
 > to correct at my end.

I'll take a look and see if there are any unix-only commands being
used, I have no access to windows machines so I may not be able to

 > A couple of questions (or feature requests):
 > 1. How can I save the image?  I think the question how to use a
 >    different device like "png" and have charts saved on disk.

you can save the image by adding a


option to the #+PLOT: line above the graph, which should set gnuplot's
`output' and `term' options appropriately, if you want to do fancy
things you can set these values manually by adding something like the
following to the #+PLOT: line

 set:"terminal png transparent nocrop enhanced font arial 8"
 set:"output 'my-output-file.png'"

 > 2. How to use custom labels?

there is an option intended for this purpose labels:(col1 col2) which
should have this effect, however I will probably need to change the
way the regexp parses options first, I'll put this on my TODO list and
let you know when it's working.

 > 3. How can I pick and choose which columns to plot like in gnuplot's
 >    plot command?

you select the column to serve as the dependent variable (x-axis)
using the dep: command with the number of the column as the sole
argument (dep:1 to use the first column).  To specify which cols
should be plotted use the inds: options passing a list of column
numbers, like inds:(2 3)

 > 4. How can I cycle through all tables and plot them all?

I have no idea what the best method would be for cycling through
tables, I agree this would be a useful feature (picturing all graphs
being re-generated upon export to latex/html), however I don't know of
any commands for cycling through tables.  I've been thinking of
defining a [[plot:]] type link which may make this easier.  Also, I
may be able to copy an answer from the exporting code.  If anyone has
any ideas I'd love to hear them.

 > Thanks for writing and sharing this.

Thank you, I'm happy it may be useful. -- Eric

 > Regards,
 > -- Manish


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