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Re: [Orgmode] Turn on help

From: srandby
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Turn on help
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 09:55:24 -0400
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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the fix. I changed the links in the org-info.js script itself and the HELP and 'click here' links work fine now. Ahh, the benefits of free software. You can modify the software however you wish!


Sebastian Rose wrote:
Hi Scott,

I can confirm the black 'HELP' link. I think browsers do that, because
of the missing 'href' attribute in the link. I've put this on my TODO

It's now:
<a onclick="org_html_manager.showHelp();">

It should be (obviously):
<a href="javascript:org_html_manager.showHelp();">

In the meantime you could solve that problem by adding these lines to
your stylesheet:

a {

Sorry for the inconvenience.

All the best,


address@hidden writes:
Hi Sebastian,

I'm embarrassed to say that the help function works after all. I thought it
didn't work because the HELP link isn't blue, it is black and the mouse doesn't
indicate a link when the pointer is put on the HELP. I didn't think to try to
click on it (DUH). So my only question is how do I make the HELP link blue?

I've tried this on Firefox 3 and Safari. Both give the black HELP link. I'm
using v. of the script which I downloaded last week I believe. Typing '?'
does show the shortcut list but the 'click here' gives a black 'here' instead of
blue. You may visit my web site to see what I mean:


By the way, I don't think the documentation is bad or outdated. I'm very pleased
with your script and the documentation. With your script and org-mode I'm able
to maintain a nice website with one text file. My old site was a pain to
maintain with all of its html files. After a few hours of transferring
everything (well, I'm not quite finished) to one ORG file, I have a website that
is far more sophisticated than the old site. Thank you very much for such a
fantastic script.

Scott Randby

Sebastian Rose wrote:
Hello Scott,

address@hidden writes:
I am using the org-info.js script when I export an ORG file to html. Everything
works great except I can't figure out how to turn on the help function so that
the HELP link is active. I've looked through the org-info.js documentation (in
which the HELP link is active) and found only that the help function is turned
off by default. So how do I turn it on?
I'm sorry for the bad and outdated documentation for the script. The
HELP link should just work. It should show the same screen as when
pressing '?' i.e., the keyboard shortcuts.


  - When did you update the script the last time?
  - Which Browser are you using?
  - What's in the third line of the script ( ... org-info.js, v.0.0...)?
  - Does '?' show the shortcut list?

Again, excuse me for the bad docs,


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