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Re: [Orgmode] Turn on help

From: Sebastian Rose
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Turn on help
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 19:42:01 +0200
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address@hidden writes:

> Hi Sebastian,
> Thanks for the fix. I changed the links in the org-info.js script itself and 
> the
> HELP and 'click here' links work fine now. Ahh, the benefits of free
> software. You can modify the software however you wish!
> Scott

I promise I'll fix it in the next version too :-D

Hope I'll find time to work on it by the end of next week - there was
the request for a dynamically created index based on tags too...

Have a good time,

 - Sebastian

> Sebastian Rose wrote:
>> Hi Scott,
>> I can confirm the black 'HELP' link. I think browsers do that, because
>> of the missing 'href' attribute in the link. I've put this on my TODO
>> list...
>> It's now:
>> <a onclick="org_html_manager.showHelp();">
>> It should be (obviously):
>> <a href="javascript:org_html_manager.showHelp();">
>> In the meantime you could solve that problem by adding these lines to
>> your stylesheet:
>> a {
>>   color:blue;
>>   cursor:pointer;
>> }
>> Sorry for the inconvenience.
>> All the best,
>>    Sebastian
>> address@hidden writes:
>>> Hi Sebastian,
>>> I'm embarrassed to say that the help function works after all. I thought it
>>> didn't work because the HELP link isn't blue, it is black and the mouse 
>>> doesn't
>>> indicate a link when the pointer is put on the HELP. I didn't think to try 
>>> to
>>> click on it (DUH). So my only question is how do I make the HELP link blue?
>>> I've tried this on Firefox 3 and Safari. Both give the black HELP link. I'm
>>> using v. of the script which I downloaded last week I believe. 
>>> Typing '?'
>>> does show the shortcut list but the 'click here' gives a black 'here' 
>>> instead of
>>> blue. You may visit my web site to see what I mean:
>>> http://www3.uakron.edu/randby
>>> By the way, I don't think the documentation is bad or outdated. I'm very 
>>> pleased
>>> with your script and the documentation. With your script and org-mode I'm 
>>> able
>>> to maintain a nice website with one text file. My old site was a pain to
>>> maintain with all of its html files. After a few hours of transferring
>>> everything (well, I'm not quite finished) to one ORG file, I have a website 
>>> that
>>> is far more sophisticated than the old site. Thank you very much for such a
>>> fantastic script.
>>> Scott Randby
>>> Sebastian Rose wrote:
>>>> Hello Scott,
>>>> address@hidden writes:
>>>>> I am using the org-info.js script when I export an ORG file to html. 
>>>>> Everything
>>>>> works great except I can't figure out how to turn on the help function so 
>>>>> that
>>>>> the HELP link is active. I've looked through the org-info.js 
>>>>> documentation (in
>>>>> which the HELP link is active) and found only that the help function is 
>>>>> turned
>>>>> off by default. So how do I turn it on?
>>>> I'm sorry for the bad and outdated documentation for the script. The
>>>> HELP link should just work. It should show the same screen as when
>>>> pressing '?' i.e., the keyboard shortcuts.
>>>> Questions:
>>>>   - When did you update the script the last time?
>>>>   - Which Browser are you using?
>>>>   - What's in the third line of the script ( ... org-info.js, v.0.0...)?
>>>>   - Does '?' show the shortcut list?
>>>> Again, excuse me for the bad docs,
>>>> Sebastian
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