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Re: [Orgmode] Mac OS, emacs->org/remember

From: peter . frings
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Mac OS, emacs->org/remember
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 14:17:01 +0200

On 23 Jul 2008, at 01:40, Carsten Dominik wrote:

- How to get mail.app mail references (and other apps) into emacs buffer
     (the copy url in the mail.app works - I would want to see the
     subject/author of the message, than a cryptic url. I know, I can
     edit that what I want, but I would rather have this automatic)

Org-mode comes with org-mac-message.el. You need to load this file, for example by configuring the variable org-modules. With that loaded, Emacs can follow message links. To create such a link from an email, define a remember template like this:

("Emailtask" ?e "* TODO %?\n %(org-mac-message-get-link)" "~/org/ gtd.org" "Tasks" nil)

The "%(org-mac-message-get-link)" will result in a nice link showing the message subject and linking to the message.

Great. Another highly appreciated way of adding email links to an org- file would be by dragging a particular mail from Mail.app onto emacs. This does work when dropping e.g. files and URLs (might by courtesy of mac-win.el ?). Anyone have an idea of how to enable this for mails as well?

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