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[Orgmode] LaTeX Export: The output of headline is incorrect when tag con

From: Frank Chang
Subject: [Orgmode] LaTeX Export: The output of headline is incorrect when tag contains '_' or '@'
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 13:17:34 +0800
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Hello everyone,

I'm new to Emacs (22.1) and org-mode (6.05b).
Recently I start to use org-mode for note-taking, and it's really useful.

But the problem comes when I try to export my org file to LaTeX.
For example, if the headline is:

   * Headline                 :@tag_1:tag_2:tag3:

which contains 3 tags: '@tag_1', 'tag_1',  and 'tag3',
then the output will become

   #+OPTIONS:   toc:nil ^:nil
   \section{Headline                 :@tag\_{}1:tag\_{}2}

   #+OPTIONS:   toc:nil ^:{}
   #+OPTIONS:   toc:nil ^:t
   \section{Headline                 :@$tag_1$:$tag_2$}

which seems incorrect.

I look at the source code 'org-export-latex.el', and find the statement in function org-export-latex-keywords-maybe()

   ;; convert tags
   (when (re-search-forward "\\(:[a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)+:" nil t)
         (if (or (not org-export-with-tags)
             (plist-get remove-list :tags))
         (replace-match "")
       (replace-match (format "\\texttt{%s}" (match-string 0)) t t)))

It seems that LaTeX exporter takes only letters and numbers as parts of tags.

But even I add '_' and '@' in regex it doesn't work, because '_' has been exported
by the function org-export-latex-special-chars() (maybe '\_{}')

I'm a Emacs newbie, and really don't know what to do next:)

So is there anyway to work around or fix it?


Best regards,

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