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[Orgmode] Publishing webs using org

From: Richard G Riley
Subject: [Orgmode] Publishing webs using org
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 15:47:31 +0200
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I have a setup containing something like this:

(setq org-publish-project-alist
         :base-directory "~/cv/"
         :base-extension "org"
         :publishing-directory "/ssh:address@hidden:~/webs/rr/cv/"
         :recursive t
         :section-numbers nil
         :publishing-function org-publish-org-to-html
         :style "<link rel=stylesheet
         :table-of-contents t
         :auto-preamble t
         :auto-postamble t
         :base-directory "~/cv/"
         :base-extension "css"
         :publishing-directory "/ssh:address@hidden:~/webs/rr/cv/"
         :publishing-function org-publish-attachment)
         :components ("cv-text" "cv-css")

The only way I could see to have the publish transfer the CSS was to
create a seperate project and publish the cv-text and cv-css as
components of the cv project.

I would like to suggest that the org-publish-org-to-html defaults to
including other file types such as css. Or possibly there should also be
a "me too" setting which includes all files of a certain type or name
during a publish using whichever publish method.

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