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[Orgmode] Could org-tags-sparse-tree show the hierarchy ?

From: Pierre-François Gomez
Subject: [Orgmode] Could org-tags-sparse-tree show the hierarchy ?
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 16:18:16 +0200


I recently came across org-mode and decided to give it a try.

One thing is bugging me, however : when I do a tags search using 'C-c
\' (org-tags-sparse-tree), I'd expect to see the full hierarchy
"leading" to my tagged headlines, but it only shows me the result
(correctly indented, however) and the associated top-level heading.

I had a look at the offending function and I realized that just
removing "(org-show-hierarchy-above nil)" from the "let" solves my
problem :

(defun org-tags-sparse-tree (&optional arg match)
 "Create a sparse tree according to tags search string MATCH.
MATCH can contain positive and negative selection of tags, like
 (interactive "P")
 (let ((org-show-following-heading nil))
   (org-scan-tags 'sparse-tree (cdr (org-make-tags-matcher match)))))

For now, I just defined another function which does just that and
bound it to 'C-c \' instead, but I thought I'd post something on the
list because since both org-show-following-heading and
org-show-hierarchy-above are customizable, I can't see the need for
this let... would it cause any bug elsewhere ?

Or maybe you've already changed that : I'm using the 4.49 version
(couldn't find a public cvs : is there one ?)


-- Pierre-François

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