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[Orgmode] possible bug

From: Pete Phillips
Subject: [Orgmode] possible bug
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 18:45:23 +0100

Evenin' all.  

(for all you UK-based 40-somethings and over, bet that brings back
Saturday night telly! for the rest, it was how "Dixon of Dock Green"
used to introduce the
programme. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dixon_of_Dock_Green)

I'm having two problems with org-mode.

Problem 1
In org-agenda-custom-commands I have the 's' argument defined as:

 ("s" "SMTL Stuff"
  ((tags "'(time up tags-up)")
   (tags "Office")
   (tags "LaptopS")
   (tags "CAG")
   (tags "Q2")
   (tags "TG")
   (tags "WHS")
   (tags "WaitingS")
   (tags "SometimeS")
   ... bunch of other tags removed .....

If I am in my TODO.org file, and have everything collapsed except the
three top level items, and I hit C-c a s, I only get ONE of each tag
specified above displayed in the buffer.  If I hit <Shift><Tab> and
*then* run the command, I get all of the tagged items for each tag. I
can of course get around it by making sure I expand the whole outline
first of all, but suspect it shouldn't work like this.

Problem 2 

After a while, hitting C-c a s just throws the CPU into 100%
utilisation, and it doesn't come back.  It is interruptable with ^G.
Exiting emacs and starting it again make it work OK.

Trying to make it happen before I send this email, I can't, of course!
However, just before I started writing this email I had to restart emacs
because of just that problem.

I'm using 0rg-mode 4.49 and emacs from CVS.


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