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[Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.48

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.48
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 14:59:46 +0200


I am releasing Org-mode 4.48, as usually at the address


The emacs CVS version continues to lag behind because of the pre-release feature freeze.

Changes in Version 4.48

   - Agenda views can be made in batch mode from the command line.
     Thanks to Pete Phillips for the idea.

     The following example sends the TODO agenda view directly to
     the printer:

       emacs -batch -l ~/.emacs -eval '(org-batch-agenda "t")' | lpr

   - `org-store-link' does the right thing in dired-mode.
     Thanks to Xiao-Yong Yin for pushing this.

     C-c l will now store a link to the file in the current line
     in a dired-mode buffer.  If the line is in the "." line
     indicating a directory, the link points to the directory.
     If there are several files selected, org-mode will
     ignore this selection, because I don't want to store links
     to many files at the same time

   - File links can contain environment variables
     Thanks to Ed Hirgelt for this fix

          Example: [[file:$projects/italian_job.org]]

   - Full Emacs 21 compatibility has been restored with David's recent
     release of org-publish 1.76.

   - Bug fixes, thanks to all who sent reports.


- Carsten

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