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[Orgmode] New feature idea: Todo completion log entries

From: Daniel J. Sinder
Subject: [Orgmode] New feature idea: Todo completion log entries
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 13:14:31 -0700
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I find that completing a task often results in follow-up information
that I'd like to add to the entry in my org file.  In this way, my
follow-up notes are connected to the action which generated them.

Here's an example.  Prior to doing the task, I might have something
like this:
** TODO Generate a histogram of Foo data
   - Use August test data

Then, after completing the task, I might want something like this:
** DONE Generate a histogram of Foo data
   CLOSED: [2006-09-06 Tue 12:00]
   - Use August test data
    - Histogram is [[file:foo-aug-histogram.pdf][here]]

(alternatively, the FOLLOW-UP notes could be under a sub-heading.)

My thinking is that it would be nice to have a command which marks a
TODO item done and also opens a buffer to enter follow-up notes.
(This would be like entering log notes after a version control
check-in.)  When the "log" buffer is exited, the contents could be
appended to the org file (as above).  Like the current org-log-done
functionality, this would provide for more meta-data about the task


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