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Re: [Orgmode] New feature idea: Todo completion log entries

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] New feature idea: Todo completion log entries
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 11:28:28 +0200

On Sep 7, 2006, at 22:14, Daniel J. Sinder wrote:

I find that completing a task often results in follow-up information
that I'd like to add to the entry in my org file.  In this way, my
follow-up notes are connected to the action which generated them.

Here's an example.  Prior to doing the task, I might have something
like this:
** TODO Generate a histogram of Foo data
   - Use August test data

Then, after completing the task, I might want something like this:
** DONE Generate a histogram of Foo data
   CLOSED: [2006-09-06 Tue 12:00]
   - Use August test data
    - Histogram is [[file:foo-aug-histogram.pdf][here]]

I like this idea and will try to implement it. However, where to store the followup note is difficult to determine - how about inserting it directly after the CLOSED time stamp? This may be not be perfect because it will be before any other information in the entry, but I find it even more difficult to have it at the end of a possibly very long subtree of reference data.

- Carsten

Carsten Dominik
Sterrenkundig Instituut "Anton Pannekoek"
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Kruislaan 403
NL-1098SJ Amsterdam
phone: +31 20 525 7477

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