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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] New test version: org-4.19a

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] New test version: org-4.19a
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 06:51:39 +0200

The fact that font-lock no longer works has indeed to do with the error message you get. The variable org-xemacs-p used to be defined in org.el, but no longer is. The entire file does not contain any reference to that variable anymore. The fact that you this message means either that you are still loading some old version of org.el, or that
you are using org-xemacs-p in some configuration, hook, or whatever.

What is the value of C-c h org-version RET    ?

If it is not 4.19a, then you are loading some old version of org-mode. If it is 4.19a, it must be a hook or whatever.

Find any uses of org-xemacs-p, and replace them with (featurep 'xemacs).

- Carsten

On Mar 30, 2006, at 4:55, Scott Otterson wrote:

Wow, that was a quick request-to-test turnaround. I tried out the new hyperlinks and the new format shows up as advertized. However, fontlocking no longer works -- everything's in black and white and the leading edge stars are visible, even though I have org-hide-leading-stars set turned on. The one kind of formatting I do see is that the old-style links (surrounded by <>) are bolded.

Possibly, it has something to do with the error message I'm seeing when I open a new org file:

  File mode specification error: (voide-variable org-xemacs-p)

Or, maybe it's related to the following byte compiling warnings:


org.el:13348:1:Warning: the following functions might not be defined at
runtime: calendar-forward-day, calendar-goto-date, calendar-goto-today,
    calendar-iso-date-string, calendar-julian-date-string,
    calendar-astro-date-string, calendar-hebrew-date-string,
    calendar-islamic-date-string, calendar-french-date-string,
    calendar-mayan-date-string, calendar-coptic-date-string,
    calendar-ethiopic-date-string, calendar-persian-date-string,
org.el:13348:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to be defined: list-diary-entries, add-to-diary-list, bbdb-name, bbdb-company, bbdb, gnus-summary-goto-article, vm-select-folder-buffer, vm-isearch-update,
    vm-isearch-narrow, vm-beginning-of-message, vm-summarize,
    wl-summary-goto-folder-subr, wl-summary-jump-to-msg-by-message-id,
    wl-summary-redisplay, rmail-what-message, rmail-show-message,
mh-index-previous-folder, mh-get-msg-num, mh-show-buffer-message-number,
    mh-display-msg, mh-header-display, mh-show-header-display,
mh-get-header-field, mh-show, mh-show-show, mh-find-path, mh-visit-folder,
    mh-normalize-folder-name, mh-search-choose, mh-search, mh-show-msg,
mailcap-parse-mailcaps, mailcap-extension-to-mime, mailcap-mime-info,
    bbdb-record-name, bbdb-current-record, bbdb-record-company,
    vm-follow-summary-cursor, vm-su-subject, vm-su-full-name,
    vm-su-message-id, wl-summary-message-number, elmo-message-field,
    elmo-msgdb-overview-get-entity, wl-summary-buffer-msgdb,
    wl-summary-line-from, rmail-narrow-to-non-pruned-header,
    gnus-article-show-summary, gnus-summary-beginning-of-article,
    gnus-summary-article-header, mail-header-from, mail-header-id,
mail-header-date, gnus-summary-subject-string, remember-buffer-desc,
    table--at-cell-p, Info-goto-node, add-local-hook


This is on emacs this emacs version:

  GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, X toolkit)


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