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[Circe-help] Re: nickserv on freenode

From: John J Foerch
Subject: [Circe-help] Re: nickserv on freenode
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2009 13:30:48 -0500
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> Hello,
> And thanks for your report.
>> (setq circe-nickserv-alist
>>   '((""
>>      "NickServ" "NickServ" "services."
>>      "\C-b/msg\\s-NickServ\\s-identify\\s-<password>\C-b"
>>      "PRIVMSG NickServ :IDENTIFY %s")))
>> (setq circe-nickserv-passwords
>>   `(("" "not-tellin")))
> The main changes here are that you change the network name to
> "" and add \C-b to the beginning and end of the
> regex - do I see that right?
> The change of the network name is necessary if you always use M-x
> circe to connect to the network; if you use (circe ...) with the
> correct network argument, it works as is (which is the recommended
> way). I guess it might be a good idea to have the host name as the
> network name, at least for freenode. Hm.

  It is easy enough for me to write commands for each of the networks I
use---that's what I did with erc.  But it remains a troubling
inconsistency for circe-nickserv to depend on a piece of information
that is not always present.

  In a perfect world you could reliably derive network name from host
name, or even query the network name from the network itself.  (maybe

  But in an imperfect world, I can think of two ways to resolve the

 1) a separate mapping of hosts to network names that can be used when
no network name is available.

 2) key circe-nickserv-alist by regexps that match hosts instead of
string literals that match network names.

  I think Option 2 is the more attractive, but going that way, you lose
the ability to use assoc for a quick lookup in circe-nickserv-alist.

> As for the regexp, Circe uses `string-match' of the regexp on the
> privmsg, so it shouldn't matter whether you include the C-b there.
> The regexp also works for me on freenode.

Circe's default regexp:
"/msg\\s-NickServ\\s-\C-bIDENTIFY\C-b\\s-<password>" has the C-b's
around just the word IDENTIFY.  But when freenode's nickserv queries me,
"identify" is lower case, and the C-b's are around the entire /msg
example command.

Hope this helps

John Foerch

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