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How to share knowledge about known bugs?

From: Jörg F. Wittenberger
Subject: How to share knowledge about known bugs?
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2021 10:30:44 +0100

Hi Jeff and all of you,

one in a while I wonder how to handle a list of eggs not suitable for
certain situations due to some undocumented internals.

Examples like "egg used global variables" vs. "application uses egg
from multiple threads" come to mind.

Or the case with the "synch" egg, which, last time I checked, combined
dynamic-wind and mutex use in a flawed way defeating the locking

So far I don't have a good idea how this could be dealt with.  Guess
some kind of configurable/selectable blocklist would be in order.
After all global variables are OK if you know there is only one thread
or you know about them and ensure proper locking.

Important I'd find that the lists and reason of listing should be
shared somehow.  After all this is about learning undocumented



[1] See this thread for details:

Test code attached here:

Am Tue, 30 Nov 2021 11:42:12 -0700
schrieb Jeff Moon <>:

> I have some automated chicken builds that install some select eggs,
> and I'm starting to see errors when building the "synch" egg.  It
> complains about the undefined module "synch-object".  I replicated
> this on a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.10 with chicken 5.2.0 installed
> from apt, chicken-install sync fails with the same error.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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