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RE: [Ccrtp-devel] Demo program "audiotx" dropping RTP packets

From: Robert Szelepcsenyi
Subject: RE: [Ccrtp-devel] Demo program "audiotx" dropping RTP packets
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 21:37:14 +0100


One of the reasons why I used 1.0pre2 was that version 0.9 did not include
any demo program. However SuSE Linux already contains an older version of
CommonCPP and ccRTP. Perhaps the older library works, but I can't produce a
functional program for it. Could you tell me, please, how to modify the demo
program to work with the older library?

I renamed RTPSession to RTPsocket, but the compilation failed disgracefully.
I am struggling to assemble a streaming application, and rtp encapsulation
is the only missing link.

Robert Szelepcsenyi

        Um, very strange, I do not see any reason for this to
happen. I would use audiorx and modify it adding calls to
adu->getSeqNum() in order to get a trace of which packets are dropped.

> I have included the output from the sniffer.
> Linux is SuSE 8.1, kernel 2.4.19
> CommonCPP version is 1.08
> ccRTP is version 1.0pre2 (version 0.9 seemed not to know RTPSession)

        Yes, RTPSession was introduced beginning with 1.0pre0; it was
called RTPSocket before. RTPSocket is now an alias for RTPSession.

> Robert Szelepcsenyi

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