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About Csplit.exe

From: Jonsson Ulf
Subject: About Csplit.exe
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 18:49:07 +0100


I just got your free software csplit.exe.
I just need a tool like this.

I have a work  to do:

-       i have a text-fil from IBM mainframe on 40mb.
-       the file include about 5000 smaller files.
-       i want to split the big file into 5000 small files.
-       every small file have a special PATTERN as the first row.
-       i have tried to run csplit.exe in many ways but i can not find the
right configuration for this case.
-       i have read the help text and in this it says that to use "*" to
repeat PATTERN:s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        i con not get it work.

-       so please send me an answer.

I just send this message today with an other E-mail address.

I work as an IT-technical form ICL Invia AB Sweden.



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