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From: Ulf Jonsson
Subject: csplit.exe
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 12:37:29 +0100


I just got your free software csplit.exe in my computer.
I just looked for a tool like this.

My subject is:
-    I have a big text-file about 40mb.
-    the file came form IBM mainframe.
-    it keeps about 5000 smaller files with some special characters in
     beginning of each of  these files.
-    I will split this file into these 5000 smaller files.
-    I tried to run csplit filename /ULF/ /ULF/  and that works but i
want to repeat
     this PATTERNS so many times so i can get thru the big file.
-    I tried with lot of combinations but it will not work.
-    So please tell me how i can do.

Regards Uffe

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