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Re: question, not bug

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: question, not bug
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 11:25:30 -0600
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Matthew Smith <address@hidden> [2002-09-05 01:05:33 -0400]:
> i'm using date (GNU sh-utils) 2.0 and i'm not sure if i'd be permitted to
> upgrade to another version, but my question is
> is there a common way to supply date --date with 'time in seconds since
> the Epoch' instead of a YYYYMMDD or similar format?
> if so, could you send me an example of correct syntax?
> i didn't see anything about it in the man or info docs.

Well, I could tell you, but as the saying goes...  :-)  More seriously
I will make you work for it.  This is the difference between feeding
someone a fish and teaching them how to fish.

  info date

Look in the examples section.  It has exactly what you want there.
Near the bottom of the page.


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