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sh-utils: date.c time format is broken in non-English locale

From: Yukihiro Nakai
Subject: sh-utils: date.c time format is broken in non-English locale
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 21:47:52 +0900

Hi GNU sh-utils maintainers,

I have wondered why the date format of date command in sh-utils is broken in
Japanese locale for a long time and got a chance to see and fix the code today.

1. HAVE_LANGINFO_H is not defined in config.h, so date.c skips to include

   DATE_FMT_LANGINFO() returns NULL, so Japanese locale date format will be
   automatically ignored. You should see HAVE_LANGINFO_CODESET as defined in 

2. You warn so that people don't wrap date format string to be gettextized with 
   but dcgettext() function will help this with LC_TIME specified. GNU 
   also uses this dcgettext().

Could you commit my change attached until next release of sh-utils?

Thank you.

Yukihiro Nakai, Red Hat Japan, Development

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