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Re: [bug-recutils] Manual Status

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [bug-recutils] Manual Status
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 12:20:13 +0200
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    Chapter "Grouping and Aggregates" :
     This confuses me.  It seems to be talking about SQL not about recutils.
    And the concepts it talks about are not supported by recutils so far as
    I'm aware.  So I suggest this chapter be deleted.

Both concepts are indeed supported in recutils.  Grouping is achieved
with -G and the aggregates are the aggregate functions: max, min, etc.

I will complete that chapter.
    Sections "Counters" and "Unique Identifiers"
     I'm not sure what should go here.  This again seems to be things not
    yet implemented. Delete?

That is about %auto, which can be used to implement automatically
incremented counters and also unique identifiers in databases.
    Section "testrec":
     I don't know what the testrec utility is.  It doesn't seem to exist in the
    repo. Delete?

Yes, that chapter can be deleted.  That was a bash builtin that turned
    Chapter "Special Fields":
      This is empty except for two short sections viz: "%doc" and "%size".  I 
    suggest that these sections be integrated into the appropriate sections in 
    other parts of the manual, and this entire Chapter deleted.  If somebody 
    wants to know how to use (say) %size, then can look it up in the index and
    read the section in context.  


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