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[bug-recutils] Manual Status

From: John Darrington
Subject: [bug-recutils] Manual Status
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:10:14 +0200
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I printed out the complete manual again at the weekend.
Looking through the outstanding sections which are marked 

Chapter "Grouping and Aggregates" :
 This confuses me.  It seems to be talking about SQL not about recutils.
And the concepts it talks about are not supported by recutils so far as
I'm aware.  So I suggest this chapter be deleted.

Sections "Counters" and "Unique Identifiers"
 I'm not sure what should go here.  This again seems to be things not
yet implemented. Delete?

Section "testrec":
 I don't know what the testrec utility is.  It doesn't seem to exist in the
repo. Delete?

Chapter "Special Fields":
  This is empty except for two short sections viz: "%doc" and "%size".  I 
suggest that these sections be integrated into the appropriate sections in 
other parts of the manual, and this entire Chapter deleted.  If somebody 
wants to know how to use (say) %size, then can look it up in the index and
read the section in context.  
  Alternatively, we could keep this chapter and add short texts for each % as
a reference, but I think this would end up just repeating material from 
elsewhere.   It would also not be following the general recommendations for
GNU manuals.

What do people think?

If we fix the above, then I think the manual will be complete.


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