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[bug-recutils] GSoC 2013 : Python support

From: Adam 'foo-script' Rakowski
Subject: [bug-recutils] GSoC 2013 : Python support
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2013 23:53:08 +0200
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Hi Jose,

 I am Adam, FLOSS enthusiast from Poland with strong open source
background ( KDE, Tux4Kids, ... ) currently working on GNU Gnutrition.
An idea of empowering Python with Recutils sounds great. I've just
cloned a repository and I am browsing the sources. There is a file
Python/recmodule.c written by you. This file seem to be a stub, a good
beginning. Is there anything more describing your vision of that module?

BTW: What do you thing about using SWIG? ( http://www.swig.org )


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