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Re: [bug-recutils] GSoC 2013 : Python support

From: Adam 'foo-script' Rakowski
Subject: Re: [bug-recutils] GSoC 2013 : Python support
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 02:41:50 +0200
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So, for example, the best incarnation of a
> record in python could be an opaque object, whereas the best option for
> lisp would probably be a list.

Last days were really crazy, so I had only a moment to analyze the code.
Most DB interfaces for Python give a result of single query as tuple. Of
course there has to be a cursor object that gives an access to DB.

In fact, I am wondering if it would smarter to select data in NoSQL way,
just like

result = cursor [ {'name' : 'john', 'age':'20'}  ]

> rec.h is a big file.  It provides two kind of interfaces:
> - A big set of low-level functions to manipulate fields, records, types,
>   selection expressions, field expressions, etc.
> - A small set of high-level functions providing the same functionality
>   than the command-line recutils: rec_db_query, rec_db_insert,
>   rec_db_delete, rec_db_set.
> We have to determine how to tackle with both interfaces.

It seem to be a kind of recursion. A way how to organize a code is a
subject for GSoC, but on the other hand it's neccessary to describe it
in good application :D


I will work on the code a bit longer and - if you would agree - I could
send a draft of application + a tiny set of questions/doubts.


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