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Re: [Bug-readline] [6.3] horizontal-scroll always on

From: Dario Niedermann
Subject: Re: [Bug-readline] [6.3] horizontal-scroll always on
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 16:22:20 +0100
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Il 09/11/2015 alle 15:22, Chet Ramey ha scritto:

> What is that length?

With an 80-column terminal: 72 typed character, the prompt being 6
characters long: as soon as the 72nd character is typed, it scrolls. If
I resize the terminal window, or the prompt changes length, it
always starts scrolling when the cursor goes (actually should go) to
$COLUMNS-2, whatever the current $COLUMNS value is.

> And what is your terminal type?

This happens in all my terminals, namely:

        * GNU Screen, $TERM is set to 'screen';
        * Linux TTY console, $TERM='linux';
        * xterm, $TERM='xterm-color';
        * rxvt-unicode, $TERM='xterm-color'.

Thanks for your comments,

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