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Re: LP flag

From: Oliver
Subject: Re: LP flag
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 23:47:53 +1200

Cool thanks, I actually figured that out by looking through the ncursers code today but it is good to have it confirmed. 

I am trying to fix this via the ability to turn on and off the the am mode, ie enter_am_mode and exit_am_mode commands (insert mode is a bit tricky for my code); however I am not sure where ncurses expects the cursor to be if if am mode is off and it writes past the end of line, and then am mode is turned back on, should the cursor go down to the new line, or should it go to the position of the last char written?

Also in my terminal there if the bottom right hand corner is written to the cursor wraps back to the top left corner, is there a way to tell ncurses this so it will just work in am mode or would I have to hack that support in myself?

Thank you.

Oliver Thane
Mobile Phone: +64 (0)2102401831
Email: address@hidden

On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 8:31 PM, Thomas Dickey <address@hidden> wrote:
>       From: Oliver
>    Subject: LP flag
>       Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 21:49:53 +1200
>      _________________________________________________________________
>    Hi,  I  have  made  a  kind  of pseudo terminal for a lcd project I am
>    working  on.  Everything  is working great except the last char in the
>    last  column  of the last line is not printed, all others are printed.
>    ie this is a 16 column by 4 rows and if I use this code:
>    mvprintw(0, 0, "0123456789abcdef");
>    mvprintw(1, 0, "0123456789abcdef");
>    mvprintw(2, 0, "0123456789abcdef");
>    mvprintw(3, 0, "0123456789abcdef");
>    I get the following on the display
>    0123456789abcdef
>    0123456789abcdef
>    0123456789abcdef
>    0123456789abcde
>    the  last f is missing. After doing some reading I think this might be
>    related   to   the `LP'   flag  as  I  am  using  the  'am'  flag  in
>    my implementation.  I tried adding the LP flag after the am flag, but
>    tic  rejecteds  the  flag  ""vtlcd", line 4, col 19, terminal 'vtlcd':
>    unknown capability 'LP'"
>    What am I doing wrong?
>    btw  my  term  file  looks like this (it may not be prefect, but apart
>    from this issue it works):
>    vtlcd|,
>            bw, am, LP,
>            cols#16, it#4, lines#4,
>            clear=\EJ, cr=^M,
>            cub1=\ED, cud1=\EB, cuf1=\EC,
>            cuu1=\EA, cnorm=\Ev, civis=\EV,
>            sgr0=\Ea, blink=\Eb,
>            home=\EH, ht=^I, ind=^J, kbs=^H,
>            kcub1=\E[D, kcud1=\E[B, kcuf1=\E[C, kcuu1=\E[A,
>            nel=^M^J,

ncurses won't write to the lower-right corner unless it can see how to
prevent the cursor from wrapping (and forcing the display to scroll).
Usually that's done by one of the insert-mode features - depends on
what your actual terminal supports.

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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