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LP flag

From: Oliver
Subject: LP flag
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 21:49:53 +1200

Hi, I have made a kind of pseudo terminal for a lcd project I am working on. Everything is working great except the last char in the last column of the last line is not printed, all others are printed. ie this is a 16 column by 4 rows and if I use this code:
mvprintw(0, 0, "0123456789abcdef");
mvprintw(1, 0, "0123456789abcdef");
mvprintw(2, 0, "0123456789abcdef");
mvprintw(3, 0, "0123456789abcdef");
I get the following on the display
the last f is missing. After doing some reading I think this might be related to the `LP' flag as I am using the 'am' flag in my implementation. I tried adding the LP flag after the am flag, but tic rejecteds the flag ""vtlcd", line 4, col 19, terminal 'vtlcd': unknown capability 'LP'"

What am I doing wrong?

btw my term file looks like this (it may not be prefect, but apart from this issue it works):
        bw, am, LP,
        cols#16, it#4, lines#4,
        clear=\EJ, cr=^M,
        cub1=\ED, cud1=\EB, cuf1=\EC,
        cuu1=\EA, cnorm=\Ev, civis=\EV,
        sgr0=\Ea, blink=\Eb,
        home=\EH, ht=^I, ind=^J, kbs=^H,
        kcub1=\E[D, kcud1=\E[B, kcuf1=\E[C, kcuu1=\E[A,


Oliver Thane
Mobile Phone: +64 (0)2102401831
Email: address@hidden

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