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MS-DOS and Windows Console

From: Doug Franklin
Subject: MS-DOS and Windows Console
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2011 00:54:06 -0500
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Howdy, folks,

I'm new to the Ncurses world (hope I capitalized that right). On the other hand, I'm also an old fart with lots of lines of code under my belt, so it won't bother me if you tell me to p*** off. :-)

I noticed that your "stuff to be done" page included both Windows console and "MS-DOS" (I'm assuming raw text video buffer in x86 real mode) support. Are these things that the Ncurses world still desires? I ask because I've written a boatload of code to do "Ncurses-like" things (and more) in these environments in the past (the way freakin' distant past). Heck, back in the early 1980s I wrote high performance code for all the video modes on the CGA (before the EGA saw daylight) :-).

The point being, if the community desires them, I'll poke around and see if I can provide a suitable answer for Ncurses on "MS-DOS real mode" as well as "Win32 console mode". I don't know what accommodations Win64 might (or might not) make for console apps and the console API, but it deserves a slap on the forehead to see where the lump rises, either way.

It's time for full disclosure here, too.  :-)

I'm throwing this out there because I'm looking for a /quid pro quo/. :-) Some "brownie points" I can earn before I throw some turds in the punchbowl. In particular, I'd like to find a way to build Ncurses apps that can access any key code that VIM or emacs can in the same environment, independent of the run-time platform.

This is (obviously) pretty straightforward for the keys with termcap/terminfo entries. But the "PC" keyboard (and driver, and "virtual" terminals, and all that stuff) allows a /lot/ more combinations. I'd like, with the community's help, to find a way to bridge that gap without creating a boatload of compatibility problems. Maybe it doesn't involve Ncurses directly, maybe it's more about a platform-accessible extension mechanism. Maybe I'm an idiot and it's already there, but I'm missing it. (I'm also not terribly happy about cygwin on Windows XP translating Shift-F1 into F11, but that's another argument).

Yes, I realize that I'm probably the twelve thousandth Don Quixote to tilt a this particular windmill. :-) If nothing else, I'll learn something. Maybe only some new curse words, but, hey, that's learning, too. I've already learned that the Form library is a tricky and subtle beast.

I've got no problem writing code to effect the changes I'd like. But I also realize this is a community, and backwards compatibility can be a bitch. BTDT, GTTS. And I'm certainly not an expert on the huge universe of terminal(emulation)s that Ncurses supports. So I want to find solutions and write code that's acceptable to the community and aligned with the community's goals, while "scratching my itch", too.

I also hope I haven't just contributed unwanted substances to a bunch of Wheaties out there. That's /really/ not my goal. I just want to offer my services on stuff that seems unpopular but is within my personal knowledge as an ante to get a little discussion with the community on the best ways to accomplish what I /do/ want, or whether it's a pipe dream, or better left to site-specific extensions, or my own "escape sequence parser" embedded in my apps and portability be damned. :-)

DougF (KG4LMZ)

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