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Re: strange char echo

From: Scott Furry
Subject: Re: strange char echo
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2009 14:15:39 -0700
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Apologies...wasn't sure how you were using ncurses. Had to throw out the 'corner case'

My bad...should have directed you up a few more lines.
If you look up at line 9341 in 'configure' (in the ncurses directory) you will see a reference to..
--enable-sp-funcs or --disable-sp-funcs
This also will cause NCURSES_SP_FUNS to be enabled/disabled.

To see all the available options with a build, you can either type
./configure --help | more      <-- pipe the output
- or -
./configure --help >> somefile.txt <-- my prefered option as then I can look at all the available options in a text editor

If this isn't the case then I may have to defer to the 'gurus' on this one.

Good Luck.

Bryan Christ wrote:
a) is unlikely because the terminal is Gnome Terminal.
b) i do not see a configure option with_sp_funcs (or anything like it)
and when i look at the symbol table i do see echo and noecho.

On Thu, 2009-11-05 at 20:26 +0000, Scott Furry wrote:
Two schools of thought....
a) hardware
b) software

For a) assuming some kind of external comms - do you have some form of loop back? I'm going to say this is probably unlikely and would be special case. However, I have to throw it out.

For b) when you did you initial build (assuming you built from source) did you config using the flag "with_sp_funcs"? From the source see the configure file (line 9350 sets the flag NCURSES_SP_FUNCS) and lib_echo.c (NCURSES_SP_FUNCS is used to enable the build of the noecho function at line 77).


Bryan Christ wrote:
does anyone know what might cause characters to be echoed to the screen
even though noecho() was called at startup?

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