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Re: ncurses not building on the GNU system

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: ncurses not building on the GNU system
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 13:29:26 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

  Since you're insisting on being uncooperative, all I can do is
  glean the actual problem from your drivel, and apply a fix that'll
  work.  For instance, if you chose to be cooperative, the original
  report would not have trashed the other settings, but pointed out
  the output of config.guess (that would be useful).

You could have asked for the information that you wished to have, you
didn't.  You pointed me to some FAQ that is completely irrelevant to
the problem at hand.  Instead you are wasting both your own, and my
time with this drivel.  The only person who is being uncooperative is
you, you started of by being rude, then continuted with a message that
is completely irrelevant to the problem at hand, and continuted with
the same song in this message.

There were two parts of the report. The first was technically incorrect, since it is not necessarily true that defining _GNU_SOURCE is the proper way to get something to compile. Removing the other settings and replacing them with your favorite is not the way to report a bug - on the contrary, that's a form of criticism that makes me refer back to google, and recall your postings on the general topic from a few weeks ago.

Not a good recommendation, btw.

For the second part - I don't suppose you understood the technical point in the first place. I'm perfectly well aware of the relevant standards, and (if you had bothered to do the followup rather than talk about it), would have at least a dim perception that there's some compatibility issues involved.

(The fellow who works on Eterm has an amusing webpage related to things like that bug report - look it up and look in a mirror ;-)

Thomas E. Dickey

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