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Re: ncurses not building on the GNU system

From: Alfred M\. Szmidt
Subject: Re: ncurses not building on the GNU system
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 21:10:05 +0200

   >   Since you're insisting on being uncooperative, all I can do is
   >   glean the actual problem from your drivel, and apply a fix
   >   that'll work.  For instance, if you chose to be cooperative,
   >   the original report would not have trashed the other settings,
   >   but pointed out the output of config.guess (that would be
   >   useful).
   > You could have asked for the information that you wished to have,
   > you didn't.  You pointed me to some FAQ that is completely
   > irrelevant to

   It occurs to me that you haven't offered the information yet.

Sorry, forgot.  config.guess on GNU reports:


(the version string might vary depending on the version of the GNU

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