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Re: ncurses & commercial applications

From: Dan Hatchen
Subject: Re: ncurses & commercial applications
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 16:47:33 -0600

> <snip>

I wrote a 15,000 line program this spring using C, ncurses, and MySQL
that tracks
and bills for
almost 300,000 items in a 3rd party warehouse. A smaller (1000 line)
interfaces this
with their accounting program. I share this only to let you know that I
have done
work with ncurses.

PS I prefer MySQL to Prostgres. Its faster and does so have transactions
and row
locks, depending
on which table types you use.

#1 Look at the demo programs, they will give you a good start. The
HOW-TOs are ok
but they
only tell you about the API, not how it fits together. I did quite a bit
of source
tracing and printed
out some of the structures before I got a small working knowledge

I give some code examples here. I am sure that other have better ways of
doing this,
but this is just
to illustrate

> While going through ncurses we have got the following problems :
> 1. How to validate date fields ?
> 2. How to create validation functions for each field where we can put our
> customised error messages for users ?
> 3. There is something called HOOKS. What is it ? We could not find any proper
> documentation regarding this in the HTML ncurse-intro by Raymond.

The 'HOOKS' are the answer to your first three questions. They are
called when you
enter, leave a field
or a form. They are stored function pointers.

First write your 'handler'

void MyFormFieldInit( FORM * f )
    int x = field_index( current_field( f ) );     /* which field are we
entering */

    switch( x )
        case 1:        /* first field */
            /* do stuff */
        case 2:        /* second field */
            etc ...

then , in your module entry point

void MyForm( void )
    void ( *fieldinit ) ( FORM * f1);        /* declare prototype */
    fieldinit = MyFormFieldInit;            /* set to your handler */
    /* build and instanciate MyForm as f */
    set_field_init( f, fieldinit );            /* ncurses call -
registers the
function pointer*/
    /* need a message loop */
          switch ( form_driver( f, c = FormKeys( w ) ) )    /* FormKeys
- my own
keystroke handler */

I can override or pass to ncurses */
              case E_OK:
                  wrefresh( w );

               case E_INVALID_FIELD:
                   MyFormFieldError( f );        /* I can display error
based on field I am in */

               case E_UNKNOWN_COMMAND:
                    if ( !( finished = ( c == KEY_MAX ) ? TRUE : FALSE )
                    MyFormFunctions( f, c );        /* I can trap and
respond to the
extended keys */

                   beep( );
     while ( !finished );
    /* free resources */


> 4. One of our requirement is Master - Detail forms say for entry of Invoices.
> There will be header part and than the detail part will contain 'n' no. of 
> items
> in the Invoice. Is there any easy way out for this ?

I did not find this part easy but through the use of panels was able to
a header,
a scrolling window of line items,
a line item entry window,
and a footer.

Hope this helps some.

contact me private if you wish so we can keep this list clear



I have given some thought to a screen painter and a report writer like
many 4GLs
have for
ncurses. I am short of time for a month or two, but do you think that
there would be
enough demand
for a project like that ????


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