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ncurses & commercial applications

From: Rajesh Fowkar
Subject: ncurses & commercial applications
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 14:30:25 +0530
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I could not find any mailing list of ncurses-users. Sorry for posting this mail

We have recently shifted over from our old SCO server to Red Hat Linux server.
We are still using our old SCO application under Linux by using iBCS emulation
of SCO binaries. Now our next step is to convert all these application under

Since most of our nodes are diskless clients and dumb terminals we are thinking
of a text based solution. At present we are considering the possibility of
developing applications using ncurses & C for the front end and Postgresql as
the backend.

Our applications are at present are in Integra RDBMS which also has got its own
form painter, report writer etc. Since in Linux no such fron-end tool is
available, we have considered using ncurses. Our applications are Financial
Accounting, PF Accounting, Inventory, Payroll etc.

We are mostly 4GL programmers, with some basic knowledge of C. We are now just
going through ncurses and found out some good things too. We wanted to know if
it is feasible to go directly with ncurses for front end development ?

While going through ncurses we have got the following problems :

1. How to validate date fields ?

2. How to create validation functions for each field where we can put our
customised error messages for users ?

3. There is something called HOOKS. What is it ? We could not find any proper
documentation regarding this in the HTML ncurse-intro by Raymond.

4. One of our requirement is Master - Detail forms say for entry of Invoices.
There will be header part and than the detail part will contain 'n' no. of items
in the Invoice. Is there any easy way out for this ?

Sorry for such a long mail.

Sorry for posting this here on bugs-list.

Awaiting to hear from u.

Thanks in advance.

Warm Regards

Rajesh Fowkar

Email ID : address@hidden, address@hidden
Web Site : http://www.dempos.com

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