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Re: mapi & cmc directories?

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: mapi & cmc directories?
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 16:30:00 -0500 (EST)

> Heya, I just did an update and got a bunch of stuff in cmc/ and mapi/
> without ChangeLog entries.

Yep.  There are not enable nor ready for prime time.
Have you use CMC or MAPI before?
See doc/rfc/CMC* for more info on CMC.
I do not know if this will be successfull.

I was trying to get X/Open MHS(Mail Handling Standard)
CMC 2.0  and VIM2.  But it looks they all fail and
everyone is turning to MAPI as the definitive std.

< extrait from article>
Messaging APIs allow developers to build E-mail interfaces into a variety of 
applications. The
leading programmatic APIs in the E-mail industry are MAPI (from Microsoft), VIM 
(from a
consortium of companies), and CMC (from the X.400 API Association. MAPI 1.0, or 
Extended MAPI,
defines a complete architecture for messaging applications. This architecture 
defines both
messaging clients and messaging services.

Simple MAPI is a subset of Extended MAPI and includes the 12 most common API 
calls. VIM is an
open interface defined by Apple, Borland, IBM, Lotus, MCI, Novell, and Oracle. 
VIM is a
complex API that allows developers to access a wide variety of messaging 
systems on a wide
variety of operating systems. CMC 1.0 is an open standard that is widely 
supported in the
industry. It is a simple API (10 calls) that provides a set of high-level 
functions for
mail-enabled applications to send and receive electronic messages. CMC 2.0 will 
be a complex
API that runs on the same level as MAPI 1.0 and VIM 1.0.
< /extrait from article>

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