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[bug-inetutils] Re: route

From: Debarshi Ray
Subject: [bug-inetutils] Re: route
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 15:58:18 +0530

> GPLv2+ is compatible with GPLv3+, so I see no problem with that.  If
> we are to export a library, then I want it to be under the GPL.

I was using the compatibility matrix here:

We have two requirements:
+ libroute needs to link to libnl, which is under LGPLv2
+ Other GPLV2+ programs like NetworkManager should be able to link to libroute

>   NetworkManager is important because it is one program which will
>   benefit from libroute. NetworkManager is very much Linux kernel
>   specific, and does not run on *BSD. libroute can fix that and the
>   FreeBSD and NetworkManager folks are enthusiastic about it.
> Have you discussed this with the NetworkManager and FreeBSD people?
> What did they say?

They consider this a worthwhile endeavour. NetworkManager would need a
portable libifconfig if it is to become completely portable. I am not
yet working on libifconfig, but I believe Inetutils can provide that.
Our current ifconfig implementation can be suitable reworked with
libnl (ie. PF_NETLINK actually) on Linux and PF_ROUTE on *BSDs to
achieve this. I have read these methods are better than the older
ioctl ways of doing things and the respective kernel people prefer

> Please keep in mind that you must discuss any plans you have with us
> first before you promise people things.

This is a free software project, and I am an unpaid volunteer working
just for fun. You sound like a boss ordering her subordinate in a
corporate environment. I don't like that.

Firstly I never kept everyone in the dark. As I said, I did mention
this in passing to you on IRC. I remember that a few people were quite
suprised to know that NetworkManager is Linux-kernel specific.

True, I did not use the mailing list, but then there is not too much
traffic apart from Alfred, me and a few new joinees. And please,
saying that people have beome inactive do no amount to insulting them.
Atleast not in my book.

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