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[bug-inetutils] Re: route

From: Debarshi Ray
Subject: [bug-inetutils] Re: route
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 15:15:32 +0530

> LGPL2.1 is compatible with GPL version 3 and later.
> So if a library is released under LGPL 2.1, it can be used
> in inetutils.

Putting libroute under GPLv3+ is going to be a problem because GNOME
NetworkManager is under GPLv2+. I suggest we put libroute under

NetworkManager is important because it is one program which will
benefit from libroute. NetworkManager is very much Linux kernel
specific, and does not run on *BSD. libroute can fix that and the
FreeBSD and NetworkManager folks are enthusiastic about it.


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