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Remote Telnet

From: Vidyadhar Watve
Subject: Remote Telnet
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 12:25:15 -0000

Hello ,
I am working on pSOS OS (RTOS)  and the target is intel i960 processor.
The pSOS network library supports telnet but "remote login" is not supported.
i.e I can telnet to a machine running pSOS with telnet option enabled.But
within that telnet session i am not able to telnet to another host.
telnetd in netutils for unix supports this functionality.
I need to port the unix version telnetd to pSOS. What components / states might
be missing in pSOS which are present in netutils that could overcome this problem.
The src code for pSOS telnet lib is not available.

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