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[bug-gnu-libiconv] Re: adding version identification to libiconv and lib

From: amores perros
Subject: [bug-gnu-libiconv] Re: adding version identification to libiconv and libintl
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 14:19:08 +0000

So it appears that a .res file can simply be added to the link command
line, with the GNU linker just like I did years ago with the MSVC linker?

Yes, quite so.

And does that work also for shared libraries, i.e. can the .res file be
passed on the "libtool --mode=link gcc ... -o libiconv.la" command line?

I don't know. I'm not familiar with .la files, and didn't yet find a sample
on the web.

I would have thought that the thing to do would be to put the resource
into a dll.

It works in a completely straightforward manner in this fashion (I tested
this and the version comes out successfully):

$ cat compile.sh
gcc -c mydll.c
windres -i mydll.rc --input-format=rc -o mydll.res -O coff
gcc -shared -o mydll.dll mydll.res mydll.o

Does that help any, or do you really want to know about libtool and
..la files?

> I don't know if you'd want to adapt this to gettext, but
> if you'd like to, I'm more than happy to send you the pieces.

Before you send me the pieces, maybe one modification is possible: I would
guess that the makewinrc.sh does not require special tools, only normal
text processing tools (cat, sed, etc.)?

It just uses bash, but, I think it requires bash3 because of its use
of BASH_REMATCH, like so:


 if [[ $VERSION =~ ([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+) ]]


I modified this from a variant that I use elsewhere,
which I found did not work for me on a system which
had a 2.x version of bash, if I remember correctly.
(I didn't have to fix it to work on that system, so I
did not change it.)

Is that a problem?

If it is, I'm sure the regexp parsing can be done in
another fashion -- there do seem to be a lot of
tools which do regexp on most GNU systems. I can
try to get something else working.

If this is true, there is an
opportunity to make the script invoke also $(WINDRES), to create the .res
file. This would reduce the modifications to the Makefile.am. (When possible,
one tries to put maximum functionality into helper scripts and have in the
Makefile.am only a minimum of logic.)

That makes sense. I should be able to do that.

> I generated a context diff (diff -r -u3),
> and am pasting it subsequently

Your mailer added line breaking, which kills the ability to just feed the
patch into "patch < ...". It should work better, I hope, if you attach
the diffs as attachments.

Ok, but, do you want it as an attachment emailed to the mailing list,
or to you, or both, or uploaded to a patch board in some fashion?

(I know some people consider attachments rude
on mailing lists, and some maintainers consider direct off-list email
rude, so I'm asking first.)

"diff -r -u3 --unidirectional-new-file" does it.

Great, I'll use this invocation.

> -mwindows

I hope this is unrelated to the .res files? In the older MSVC port of gettext,
the executables were built for the "console" subsystem, IIRC. "windows"
subsystem is not a must?

Yes, that was just my imitating an existing solution, as was the use
of the flag for relocatable code.

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