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Re: [bug #61624] [Feature request] Serial/UART UPDI programmers

From: Dawid Buchwald
Subject: Re: [bug #61624] [Feature request] Serial/UART UPDI programmers
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2021 09:11:10 +0000


Sorry for going AWOL for a while, but as I wrote last time, I was waiting for 
tinyAVR chips. They have arrived, and in the meantime I worked a bit on the 
USERROW functionality. It works, but let’s discuss it another time, it’s 
another one of these rabbit holes.

Anyway, I still want to complete my development today/tomorrow and there is one 
urgent thing I need to do so: what’s the story with RTS/DTR? I was just about 
to implement it, but I just found out that AVRDUDE seems to pull the RTS and 
DTR lines low for the duration of the whole programming session. This seems to 
be what you were asking for, isn’t it?

I have also tested two different versions of pymcuprog (original one and 
bundled with DxCore) and they both seem to behave the same way.

So, the question is: are you sure there is anything for me to implement there? 
If you could provide any more information regarding this feature I will try to 
squeeze it in.

Thanks in advance,

> On 13 Dec 2021, at 22:46, mcudude <INVALID.NOREPLY@gnu.org> wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #23, bug #61624 (project avrdude):
>> Not a noob question, it's really confusing. According to sources of
> pymcuprog there are actually three families: 0 (tiny), 2 (AVR Dx) and 3 (AVR
> EA). Family 1 has never been mentioned there. 
> Makes me wonder why they didn't just come up with _one_ mode to rule them all,
> instead of three.
> If it turns out that the fuses and safe mode business is a deep rabbit hole,
> then it's probably best to leave it like it is for now. It would of course be
> a nice touch but by no means a deal-breaker of any sort.
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