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Re: [avr-libc-dev] compile error: /bin/sh: /home/patrick/Cross: No such

From: ericw
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] compile error: /bin/sh: /home/patrick/Cross: No such file or directory
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 10:02:47 -0600
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Quoting Patrick Blanchard <address@hidden>:

> Hello,
> Newbie to the avr-libc, and trying to install as follows...but receive
> compile error for gcc. Any and all suggestions welcomed. binutils
> installed w/o any problems.
> address@hidden Cross development tools]# ls
> AVR  sample project layout
> address@hidden Cross development tools]# cd AVR
> address@hidden AVR]# ls
> bootldr      code   doc     kernel   rootfs   tmp
> build-tools  debug  images  project  sysapps  tools
> address@hidden AVR]# cd build*
> address@hidden build-tools]# ls
> binutils-2.16.1  gcc-4.0.0  gcc-4.0.0.tar.gz
> address@hidden build-tools]# cd gcc*
> address@hidden gcc-4.0.0]# ls
> ABOUT-NLS           COPYING       libffi              Makefile.def
> boehm-gc            COPYING.LIB   libgfortran         Makefile.in
> BUGS                depcomp       libiberty           Makefile.tpl
> bugs.html           FAQ           libjava             MD5SUMS
> ChangeLog           faq.html      libmudflap          missing
> ChangeLog.tree-ssa  fastjar       libobjc             mkdep
> compile             fixincludes   libstdc++-v3        mkinstalldirs
> config              gcc           libtool.m4          move-if-change
> config.guess        include       ltcf-c.sh           NEWS
> config-ml.in        INSTALL       ltcf-cxx.sh         README
> config.rpath        install-sh    ltcf-gcj.sh         README.SCO
> config.sub          intl          ltconfig            symlink-tree
> configure           LAST_UPDATED  ltmain.sh           ylwrap
> configure.in        libada        MAINTAINERS         zlib
> contrib             libcpp        maintainer-scripts
> address@hidden gcc-4.0.0]# ./configure

Halt right there.
If you go to the GCC web site, they explicitly say NOT to build (and configure)
in the source directory.

Go to the avr-libc documentation about installing the toolchain:
and go down to the heading, "GCC for the AVR target". There, it gives you a
build script and notice that configuration happens in the *build* directory,
not in the *source* directory.

So blow away your source directory and start over fresh, following the
instructions in the avr-libc user manual.

Eric Weddington

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