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Re: [Ampu-dev] Initial Use Cases up, but have questions

From: alfred . differ
Subject: Re: [Ampu-dev] Initial Use Cases up, but have questions
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 15:44:29 -0500

Scenario numbering is meant to relate scenarios to their use cases.  Use
case #2 would have scenarios numbered 02_##.
I don't use the scenario number for anything except the order in which I
wrote them.  Let the revision stuff be handled by CVS to save the hassle.

In the TOC, I meant for State to refer to the state of the use case.  There
are four distinct states.  {Facade, Filled, Focused, Finished}
Think of them as milemarkers and you will get the idea.

I'll look at the use cases you've got so far and offer my 2 cents.


Lee Braiden <address@hidden> on 03/10/2002
12:19:37 PM

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Subject:  [Ampu-dev] Initial Use Cases up, but have questions

Hi all,

There are one or two initial use cases up now, along with templates for
all the ones we've thought of so far.  Diagrams for them are there too,
both in PNG, as part of the page, and in Dia format in CVS.

I plan to get a few more of these done today, but I just wanted to check
that they follow the correct format before doing more.  Adiffer, could
you answer some things for me:

Is the Scenario numbering OK?  I guess that'll be hard to tell, since I
haven't done any Scenarios yet, but I'm basically thinking "stay at .0
unless something changes. If it does, go to .1 for the first possible
change, .1.1 for subchanges within that, or .2 for a completely
different change." -- is that right, or will it lead to problems later?

I'm unsure of the format for most of the fields in Use Cases & Scenarios
(I need a bigger UML book =).  Is the content of "Basic Course of
Events", "Alternative Paths", "Exception Paths", etc, OK?  I've just
realised scanning back through my book that "Basic course of events
should be a numbered list, which the alternatives and exceptions refer
to by number.  Any other problems?

Finally, in the TOC, I assume State refers to State Diagrams, but how
would I tie that in with the Use Cases themselves?  For example, there
are multiple Use Cases for Solutions -- "Suggest a Solution", "Debate a
Solution", "Vote on a Solution", etc -- but do I use those for states,
or perhaps use the Jury's or the Forum's state,  which would affect
Solutions?  Maybe I just put a comma-separated list of all relevant
state diagrams here?  Or perhaps State Diagrams just don't suit our

I don't know.. maybe it's all fine, but don't be afraid to say start
again if that's what we need to do =)

Lee Braiden,

"coding a better government"

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