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[Ampu-dev] Regular IRC

From: Lee Braiden
Subject: [Ampu-dev] Regular IRC
Date: 10 Mar 2002 17:38:51 +0000

Hi guys,

I think our recent IRC discussions were very productive -- I certainly
got a lot out of it, and I hope you all did too.

To build on that, then, I think we should run IRC chats regularly.  That
leaves a few questions, though:

First and foremost, do we all agree that it's a good idea?

Secondly, what is the best time & days for everyone?  We'll probably all
need to compromise a little being from different timezones, and having
different lives, etc.  So, if possible, include both preferred times,
and times you can manage, even if not ideal.

Finally, I assume once per week seems reasonable to everyone?

Lee Braiden,

"coding a better government"

ICQ: 24346459
AIM: FallibleDragon

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