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Re: [Ampu-dev] Initial library API proposal now online

From: Lee Braiden
Subject: Re: [Ampu-dev] Initial library API proposal now online
Date: 19 Feb 2002 01:37:47 +0000

On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 08:52, address@hidden wrote:
> Hello,
> Seeing the static structure begin to form does help somewhat.
> I can begin to see what you meant about the organization hierarchy
> Is there any desire to put these two types of documents into a more formal
> state?
> Use cases help me a lot when figuring out a static structure.
> I write these things on my own projects because I think it helps developers
> work together better.  Whether it does or not remains to be seen, though.
> If there is any interest, I can draft up a couple and show people before
> working them through to a more polished state.
> -al
> Alfred Differ
> Interworld Transport

Hi Al,

Again, thanks for your comments.  As I say, until my new copy of UML
Distilled comes (Amazon dispatched it today, efficient folks that they
are =), I'm not exactly sure about anything beyond the basics of UML. 
However, I've thrown together a quick UML use case diagram, which might
help you in the mean time.  You can find it in the Savannah downloads
section, at

Two of the files are in Dia format, one being the class diagram of which
you've seen documents generated.  The PNG files will let you see the
thing, even if you don't have Dia.  What OS & software do you have
access to?

Anyway, it's all still very preliminary, but hopefully more useful than
the class diagram.  Let me know what you make of them.

BTW, what is it you do at Interworld Transport?

Lee Braiden,

Lead Developer,
A More Perfect Union.
ICQ: 24346459
Jabber: address@hidden

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